Camouflage Raincape

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Our Mister Antony Original Camouflaged Rain cape is ideal for Deerstalkers, Shooters, Anglers, Dog walkers, Hill walkers, Campers.
A very roomy and comfortable garment for wearing over a jacket or warm coat, with unique double layered styling allowing the wearer complete freedom of arm movement.
Extremely practical and versatile, perfect for the outdoors.

Our Rain Cape is made from top quality PU Coated Polyester with a ‘soft feel’ waterproof coating, specially designed to help eliminate condensation.
The rain cape is 100% waterproof – guaranteed.

Supplied with a Hood and Mister Antony Pouch incorporating straps that fasten to your belt and a Detachable Hood.
This cape can be made in other camouflage patterns, please phone and give us your requirements.

Colour: Camouflage

Made to Order (2-3 weeks delivery)

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Made from superior quality wrinkle-resistant oxford weave polyester fabric with a matt finish. With soft-feel polyurethane coating.

100% Waterproof!



  1. Lay the raincape down flat, the right way up with collar pointing to the right.
  2. Fold the whole raincape inside out bringing the four front edges of the coat & top-cape to lie on top of each other. Pleat the top-cape neatly inside the coat.
  3. Fold the skirt of the coat neatly over the front edge, then fold the raincape completely in half so the collar lies at the hem. The folded raincape will now be lying in a long rectangular shape.
  4. Fold the rectagle shape 3 times into 1/3rd size & then fold once in half. The raincape is now ready for inserting into the pouch.
  5. If required a warm steam iron on the top-side of the fabric will eliminate any creases.
  6. When not in use, always hang the raincape on a peg or hanger. Use the pouch for short periods only & never use when the raincape is damp or wet